Reaching customers is harder than ever for businesses today. Making a good impression right away is the key to getting the attention of new customers. And a commercial from Earth Shattering Pictures can help you do just that, by utilizing custom 3D animation, beautiful motion graphics, green-screen compositing, and expert camera work. Contact us today and let us craft you a video that will clearly communicate your brand to customers and clients.

What can Earth Shattering Pictures do for you?
Earth Shattering Pictures can produce high definition video, including cutting edge digital effects and animation on a small budget. This is ideal for:
  • Broadcast Quality TV Commercials
  • Corporate Information Videos
  • Corporate Training Videos
  • Architectural Rendering
  • 3D Modeling
  • Independent Films
  • Music Videos
  • Special Event Videos
  • Web Videos
We can perform visual fx supervision while on a film set or control production of an entire feature length film. We can do post production services, such as editing, video compositing, virtual set creation, green-screen, etc.

We value our clients and our goal is always to give each client the highest possible production value on each project. We will work with you to make your production something that you can be proud of and that truly represents your brand.